Let’s get back to safe singing!!


Deadline to Register ***EXTENDED*** to Friday, October 2, 2020

The CSCA is pleased to offer both virtual and in-person program options for our Fall 2020 term.

Each of the registration options below are open to anyone who would like to sign up, and were developed based on member feedback and requests. We wanted to offer options that would allow for engagement with anyone who wishes to participate, no matter their health or technological circumstances.

Please know that plans are subject to change as we proceed through any changing guidelines or alert levels this term. We will keep all registrants updated on any changes, as well as encourage involvement and collaboration in shaping specific activities.

Please browse our offerings below and get in touch if you have any questions or concerns.


OPTION #1 – Practice & Professional Development

  • Completely online programming
  • Great for those unable to get together in person
  • Regular weekly meeting time
    • Offering the same content on both Wednesday and Sunday evenings (choose which time works best for you, even on a weekly basis)
  • To include:
    • Sessions on various music, singing, and other cultural and artistic areas
      (i.e. music appreciation, song writing, reading music, music theory, American Sign Language…)
    • Workshops with and performances from special guests
    • Sing-alongs and some other ways to sing online
  • Registration fee: $50


OPTION #2 – Performance

  • Offline in-person focus, with occasional online discussion and support
    • Participants have the opportunity to help shape specific activities
  • Great for those looking for singing and performance opportunities
    • Offline: Meet in person to sing again!
    • Online: Become more comfortable with your own voice; Gain experience in technology and recording
  • Project-based rather than a regular weekly time (for example 1 project/month)
  • Projects may include:
    • Outdoor practice/performance (safety precautions in place)
      • Possible venues – parking garage, park amphitheatre, drive-in parking lot, open-air
    • Indoor practice/performance (safety precautions in place)
      • Possible venues – warehouse, industrial building, Churches – pending restrictions, opening plans, availability
    • Recording project where parts are edited together
  • Registration fee: $50


OPTION #3 – BOTH Options #1 & #2

  • Great for those who…
    …just can’t wait for “normal choir”! and
    …are interested in learning new skills and developing their broader musical, cultural and artistic side and
    …are interested in a more collaborative approach to, and taking part in planning specific course content
  • Discounted Registration Fee: $80


All Registration Options Include

  • An opportunity for a 30-minute one-on-one music lesson, to be scheduled at your request and used however you wish
  • Support for any registrant that indicates a need for assistance in order to participate – regardless of circumstances, we want anyone who wants to participate to be able to do so

Deadline to Register ***EXTENDED*** to Oct 2

Tentative start dates: Oct 4 & 7