“The work shops were well planned. Thank you so much for the opportunity to learn and grow mentally and physically. It was a wonderful part of my summer which I will always hold dear.”

“I enjoyed camp. It was hard work and tiring, but I felt enormously relaxed and unstressed after a week of singing. It was a great week and glad I went.”


“I was so happy with how things went. It was a very worthwhile experience for me. While the Choir Camp was managed by two expert musicians, your ability and patience in dealing with individuals was outstanding.”

“I really enjoyed the whole week. Thank you very much for a very positive and joyful musical experience.”


“I really enjoyed the relaxed learning atmosphere – even with no prior experience I did not feel intimidated or out of place. The group gelled nicely so it was a fun week even though the time was filled with singing. The leisure times were nicely spaced and had variety.”

“I enjoyed the experience of singing with the group, getting to know some of the choir members better and being exposed to new ideas and enhancing singing techniques.”


“I have recommended CBS Choir Camp to several friends. The camp was truly inspirational and I am very happy I participated.”

“Who would have thought it. I sang in a choir.”