We are currently developing the 2017 choir camp schedule. Scroll down to see the 2016 schedule for a good idea of how the week will run.

CONFIRMED WORKSHOPS to date for 2017:

body mapping We are so excited to share information about a brand new workshop this year, Body Mapping with Jennifer Johnson! This will be a perfect way to start our week.

Jennifer plays first violin in the Newfoundland Symphony Orchestra, is a Professional Associate at Memorial University of Newfoundland Music School where she teaches Body Mapping and violin, teaches for the Suzuki Talent Education Program of St. John’s, and is a published author. Jennifer presents Body Mapping workshops internationally, teaching musicians to enhance their musical ability and to prevent injury through a clear understanding of how their bodies are designed to move. Learn more about Jennifer here: http://jennifer-johnson.co/

A valuable workshop for any singer or musician, you don’t want to miss out!

tai chi This year’s choir campers will once again benefit from the time and talents of Tai Chi By The Sea NL, and weather permitting will start the Friday morning with a relaxing but energy-giving session together on beautiful Topsail Beach. Learn more about Tai Chi By The Sea NL at http://taichibytheseanl.blogspot.ca/
yoga2 We have also confirmed a set of yoga sessions for this year’s choir camp with the wonderful Louise Hustins of Paradise Yoga! Movement is so important during a week of singing, and yoga can have many physical and psychological benefits.Louise is a certified Yoga Instructor who has also taught fitness classes, Pilates, and has certification in nutrition and wellness as well as accreditation in alignment and adjustment. Her Yoga training has taken her to Ottawa, India and Thailand to name a few, and some of the styles she teaches are chair yoga, yoga for older adults, and yoga on the ball.


2016 Schedule